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Terms of Service



First, thank you for showing an interest in my work and considering hiring me for a commission! The following Terms and Conditions will guide you through what it’s like to work with me. Hopefully, it answers all your questions. If not, as always, feel free to contact me at any time with questions you may have. I can’t wait to work with you!

general Terms

The prices listed are subject to change.

See the pricing guide for an idea of what your project may cost. Keep in mind that the prices listed are a base price and may be affected by other factors, such as: level of complexity of the project, a high number of revisions, and shipping costs.

A maximum of 3 free revisions.

I want the end product to be exactly what you were looking for, so I do my best to communicate with you to get the clearest idea possible of your commission before I begin work. After we have hashed out all the details I will draw up a sketch for your approval. If it's not quite right, I welcome your feedback so that I can make it perfect for you. I will do up to 3 major revisions to the sketch for free. Each revision after that will add $5-10 to the total cost of the project depending on the size of the project and the scope of the change.

Things I will not do.

  • Recreate another artists' work. Although I will be happy to create a unique and original piece for you in my own style that is inspired by another work. If you really like that artist's work, I encourage you to contact them specifically. It would be disrespectful of me to copy their art and sell it to a client.

  • Graphic nudity or pornographic art. Tasteful, artistic nudity is fine, however I reserve the right to say no in all cases.

  • Art with racist, bigoted, or hateful messages.


All prices and quotes are in USD.

If you need to use a converter to find the price in your own monetary denomination use this: Google Currency Converter

50% non-refundable deposit required upfront.

I require a 50% deposit before any work will begin on the project. This is to reserve a spot on my calendar, as well as to allow me to purchase any materials that might be needed to complete the job.

Acceptable methods for payment are as follows:

Credit or debit card through Square or Paypal. In the case of local clients, I can swipe credit/debit cards using Square or take cash.

Non-acceptable methods of payment are as follows:

Checks or mailed payments; such as cash or money order.


1. Inquire about your idea.

Fill out the form on my Commissions page. Be sure to include what type of commission you're looking for. Please try to include a good description of the idea you have in mind. The more detail the better. I will contact you to finalize the details of your commission and send you a quote.

2. Contract.

Once we have hashed out all the details of your commission and you have agreed to the quote, I will send you an email containing a contract for you to sign as well as the invoice for your commission.

3. Deposit.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book your commission. Work will not start on your commission until this deposit has been paid.

4. Production.

I start on your art! I draw up a sketch and color mock-up for your approval. If there are any revisions or changes, this is the time to tell me. Once you are happy with the sketch and the color mock-up, I then move on to finalizing your art. I send progress shots of the work as I go.

5. Delivery.

The final balance is due upon completion of the art. I send a watermarked, low-resolution version of the final. Once payment is received I send your high-resolution digital image or ship your new canvas to you.


Turn around time varies.

It can take 1 week to 3 months to finish your artwork depending on several factors. The complexity of design, traditional vs. digital, other work, and life, in general, all play into it. Before I start the project I will give you an estimate of how long it may take to finish and that will be written into your contract. If you have a deadline sooner than my estimated quote, we can discuss a reasonable turnaround with a rush fee of up to 25% of the commission cost.

Digital art delivery.

Once the artwork is finished and paid for in full, I will provide you with both an unwatermarked, full-resolution image and a smaller web-friendly version of the image. Physical prints of the artwork can be provided for an additional fee.

Traditional art delivery.

I ship using the United States Postal Service. I can ship both domestically and internationally. Domestic shipping will take anywhere from a few days to a week from the ship date. International shipping will take longer and because of customs practices I cannot guarantee how long it will take. A tracking number will be included with your artwork.


All rights reserved.

The final artwork you commission is yours, however, I, the artist, maintain all rights to the design and any process work involved. This means that I reserve the right to use the final image in my portfolio, on my website, in blogs or publications, or on social media.

Commissions are not intended for commercial use.

As stated above, I reserved all rights to the artwork, so that means that you cannot reproduce or redistribute my work with the intent to sell it. However, If you would like to work with me for any commercially licensed work, please send any inquiries to:

I reserve the right to decline any request.

For any reason. Period. The most common reason to decline a commission is that a client essentially asked me to recreate someone else's artwork. As I stated above in my General Terms section; out of respect for other artists and their work, I will not do this.

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